The Difference Between Eco-Friendly Plastic and Normal Plastic

There is a big difference between eco friendly plastic and normal plastic. We are all aware of the problems with plastic consumption and how this type of material is damaging the planet. Plastic is made up of many chemicals that when used makes our water, air and food toxic. This in turn causes pollution which in turn causes many problems for the earth and the animals who live in these areas. If we continue down this path it will take us years to reverse the damage we have done.

Eco friendly is a term that has become more common on many products that consumers are choosing. Some of these products include disposable plates, cups, plates, cutlery and many other items. These products are made from materials that have been produced using recycled or eco friendly resources. This means that even though you may use the product a few times before it breaks down and needs to be thrown away, the environment is not damaged.

difference between eco friendly plastic and normal plastic

Another big difference between eco friendly and normal plastic is the price. While the normal plastic may seem like it is more expensive, this is not true because it will eventually break down. However, eco friendly materials are still far cheaper than normal plastic and will last much longer. This means that over time you are actually saving money rather than having to constantly replace your normal plastic products with eco friendly ones.