How Plastic Harms the Environment

How Plastic Harm Environment is a question that has been raised repeatedly, but there is no definite answer to this question as each one of us have our own view about the damage we have caused to the environment. If there is any gain to be derived from all this debate, it is the fact that many leading environmental organizations have come out and stated that plastic does not harm the environment in any way, shape or form. If this statement is true, one has to ask why there are so many people against plastic. They feel that it is a product that interferes with nature and takes away from its natural resources, whereas those who are in favor of plastic believe that it is an eco-friendly option for us to use for packaging.

But before we can find an answer to the how plastic harm environment, it is important to know what Plastic is and how it is made. It is made up of two polymers which are called polyethylene and polypropylene, and they are derived from crude oil. These two plastics are combined together to form a material called polylactic acid. The other major component of it is Ethylene, which acts as a food preservative. So how plastic harm environment through its use then?

how plastic harm environment

There are many forms in which the damage plastic can cause to the environment can occur, one of them being through causing ozone layer depletion or global warming due to the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the plastic, thus causing evaporation of water and destroying crops which are dependent on rain water. Another way in which it harms the environment is by causing global dimming, wherein a country’s economy suffers because of the cheaper goods available in countries such as China. While most people are aware of how plastic harms the environment, little is known about how it harms the human body.